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Marc Carter

Founder & Owner

      Marc Carter is the Founder and Owner of DOK STORES LLC. With a keen insight into the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, Marc's educational background in crypto digital technologies and blockchain has been instrumental in raising awareness entering the beginning stages of global mass adoption of crypto.  An entrepreneur-minded individual who has overcome adversity, has always envisioned a world where cooperation would benefit the people better than competition. His forward-thinking aspirations has led to the creation of a platform/marketplace built & designed to do exactly that. D.O.K is a community. Marc believes that individuals from all walks of life, can come together to showcase their talents under 1 umbrella in a collaborative kind of way. While at the same time, embracing a sense of feeling of fellowship with others, which stems as a result of sharing common attitudes, interest, and goals. 

Joseph Robinson


Joseph, also known as Joey, is a crypto enthusiast and investor. With years of successful investments, Joey looks to do whatever necessary for DOK STORES to be successful. Taking a optimistic and straight forward approach into the business world, he plans to help make DOK STORES a leader in innovation and tech.

Jose Dudley

Head of Animated Design

 After starting his career in engineering, DOKSTORES is proud to have Jose as part of team D.O.K. As a motivated, results-oriented collaborator & creator, he has truly helped to make us what we are today. Jose is the soul of DOK STORES.   

William Taylor

Dynamic Representative of



 We have to be honest here, Will's genuine intellectual prowess is undoubtedly unique. With a undying love for art & science, a God-given talent in music & poetry, Will is a truly man of many talents (literally). D.O.K is absolutely humbled and grateful for Will's contributions to Depth of knowledge.

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